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We have worked with many customers in the IT industry to create change and growth. Every business is unique, and we work to create learning and development solutions specific to each situation. It’s a tailored approach when we work with our customers.

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EvoLearn’s innovative Digital Sales Academy supports my company’s objective to enable the Agile Worker. This interactive virtual delivery method offers a unique learning experience at any connected location. The sessions were engaging and informative and I look forward to capitalising on the new-found skills and expertise to accelerate our business growth. Thank you once again EvoLearn.

Mike Storm
Vendor Manager Enterprise Technology

Our Virtual Delivery

Interactive training, more than one way. It’s a two-way street when we work with our customers. The interaction and discussions are super rewarding. As our customers say, we are not PowerPoint readers!

We are IT professionals and our expertise means that the “virtual learning” experience is also just as engaging for our customers. Our Trainers and the technology we use are best in class. The in-person charisma will not be lost!

No short cuts. Everything you expect in the “class-room” is delivered remotely by us. Interactive chatting, whiteboarding, videos, break-out rooms for group work, coffee breaks and 121 chats with your Trainer and presentations are all delivered. By request only, a take away video recording can be discussed.

Experience matters. EvoLearn has been doing virtual deliveries from the very beginning. Together with the “traditional” training methods, we are also pioneers in this virtual training delivery and have seen this becoming more relevant and popular over the years.

It’s effortless. For our customers, virtual learning offers flexibility (on location or group size), saves travel time and costs and there is no “special” investment or set up required.

Just have internet access and join. We will do the rest.

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Business Planning

Our Business Planning services offers:

Annual Strategic Planning. To set out longer term corporate objectives and targets about customers and requirements, products and service solutions, and overall business development.

Joint Business Planning. To prepare a shared plan for Partner and Vendor stakeholders. Joint business planning will address requirements such as vendor revenue thresholds, certification and knowledge competencies. The aim is to help Partners meet and exceed the revenue requirements for targeted Vendor specialisations.

Marketing Planning. This can cover a range of deliverables to support internal campaigns such as Product launches, “Call – Out” days and Tele sales campaigns.

Our aim is to guide strategic thinking to support the generation of ideas, design and build of solutions and methodologies. This planning focus then moves to the execution of Partner Development Programmes.

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Partner Programme

Our Partner Programme Consultancy service is aimed at Partners and Resellers seeking to grow their business and portfolio of vendor products, solutions, and technologies. We have worked extensively with Vendors such as HPE and ARUBA and their channel partners to guide you on the Vendor specific requirements needed to:

  • Achieve revenue thresholds
  • Attain sales and technical certifications
  • Align and implement Vendor specific services, products and solutions
  • Access training courses & certification and EvoLearn programmes to build knowledge and expertise

Our Consultants are experienced career professionals with backgrounds in Technology, Consulting and Sales so you can be sure that we will match a consultant to your specific need.

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Partner Development

We design programmes and create content to support sales enablement, learning and behavioral change. Programmes are designed for graduates, new recruits, sales and pre-sales, product and technical specialists.

Content is designed to meet foundation, advanced and mastery competency levels and knowledge of various technologies, products and service solutions. Training also includes personal effectiveness and solution selling skills.

  • Partner Development Programmes

    Partner Programmes are designed to help Partners meet Vendor specific requirements to develop the channel partnership. This type of programme requires co-operation with multiple stakeholders. EvoLearn is experienced and has the network to bring Vendors and Partners together. The EvoLearn approach is to help Partners identify what to do and how to:

    Launch initiatives that align, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities from the existing customer accounts. In scope, is the creation of internal campaigns, the development of sales and technical competencies and certification requirements.

    Convert the existing business model to its target vendor portfolio and partnership status. Strategic priorities are emphasised on maximising share of market opportunities across the entire Partner portfolio. Building awareness and advocacy is key.

    Boost is about execution of business plans and campaigns to deliver sales and pre-sales enablement, increased pipelines, shorter sales cycles, all resulting in achieved revenue targets.

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  • Sales Academies and
    Pre-Sales Academies

    We design and deliver bespoke module based programmes and curriculum-based sales and pre-sales academies. Each module is specifically designed to complement, build on and provide an integrated programme and learning path.

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  • Training Courses and

    EvoLearn are approved Learning Partners for HPE and Aruba.
    We deliver open courses to support vendor specific certifications and knowledge requirements. These courses are delivered by our qualified instructors (internal and external) and are targeted mainly to Resellers and Distributors within the IT channel.

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  • Bespoke SESSIONS –
    Sales and Technical

    Our service includes the design and delivery of bespoke sessions that can be stand-alone, topic specific or delivered as part of an integrated programme of learning modules.

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Campaign Management 

We will support the design, creation and planning of campaigns. We work with our customers to develop the content required to support all stages of the sales cycle. Our experience includes:

  • Translating the detail to create a ‘winning story’, that articulates the value proposition and unique selling points.
  • Developing content for presentations, events and product launches.
  • Training to ensure on brand communication and alignment with campaign objectives.

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Event Management 

Our team of Consultants are experienced public speakers and presenters for conferences, roadshows, management off-sites, seminars and participation as subject matter panel experts. For the global stage, EvoLearn Co-Founder Antti Hemminki is an experienced Keynote Speaker and is exceptional having worked with clients in Europe, North America and Asia.

EvoLearn offers a complete event management service for our customers. We will organise and managethe budget and event logistics including; invitations and registrations, venue hire, and catering requirements.

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